The moment we arrived at Gare du Nord, chilly air greets my poorly-insulated skin. Despite my expectation that it suppose to be summer, the sky was shrouded in clouds. Lines of brasseries and coffee shops along the roads, with seating facing outside definitely feels like a romantic movie scene. I was reminded of Saigon.

After check-in, we headed to the infamous hilly neighborhood of Montmartre, but rain quickly dampen our journey. We were gladly stranded at a nice coffee shop, Le Magenta.


At Sacre-Coeur, I was confronted by a group of scam-artist selling sort of twisted string. Lucky thing, I didn’t open my wallet after been coaxed to buy them. Before we left, again, there were a group of gypsies stopping us to sign up for some donation. Although this time we learnt our lesson, they managed to grab some food we’re eating. Lol.

Notre Dame Cathedral

We then headed to Notre Dame Cathedral for sunset. That building is from the middle age, but stood still remarkably against time. Photos didn’t do justice. No wait, my photos definitely do more than justice.

Tour Eiffel

Nothing feels more surreal than to look at Paris crown jewel with your own two eyes. I know it’s been too romanticize in asian culture, but I’m glad to visit and see all the beauty and flaws that comes with them.

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Beneath it all

Arc de Triomphe

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The Louvre

A hollowed out former palace turned museum. The glass structure enthuse contrast with surrounding halls.

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